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Get your church excited about partnering with the Memphis Morning Center for 'Day of Play'. Make a difference while getting out in the community!




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Join us on May 25th for a day of outdoor fun and fundraising!


Let's #PlayForAPurpose and support the Memphis Morning Center's efforts to combat infant mortality rates.


Purchase your 'Day of Play' kit today at and make a difference in our community!

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This Memorial Day Weekend, make your playtime count! #PlayForAPurpose with us as we help relaunch vital services at local mission, the Memphis Morning Center.


Get your 'Day of Play' kit at and join the movement towards healthier, happier communities.

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Ready to make a splash for a cause? Dive into a day of fun and fundraising with us on May 25th!


Let's #PlayForAPurpose and support underserved moms and babies in Memphis. Grab your 'Day of Play' kit now at and let's make a difference together!


Subject: Join Us in ‘Playing for a Purpose’!


Dear Church Family, 


We're reaching out to share an opportunity that's close to our hearts and aligns with Jesus's heart to serve the 'least of these'.


Did you know that Memphis is home to the zip code with the highest infant mortality rate in the nation? It's a startling reality that we can't ignore. Our mission partners at the Memphis Morning Center are on the front lines, providing free, Gospel-centered prenatal care to moms in need, working to ensure that every baby born in Memphis has the chance to celebrate their first birthday. 


We have an exciting opportunity to support this crucial mission by simply committing to 'play for a purpose'.


The Memphis Morning Center is designating Saturday, May 25th as a ‘Day of Play’—a day of fun, outdoor activities, and fundraising aimed at relaunching vital services at their clinic! 

By purchasing a ‘Day of Play’ kit and participating, you'll promote health and wellness in our community and support the mission to combat infant mortality rates in Memphis and beyond. 

As a church that values LIFE, our invitation is two-fold:

  1. Join us in participating in ‘Day of Play’ this Memorial Day Weekend. By doing so, you'll foster health and well-being in your own life by enjoying outdoor activities with your church family. Let's have fun together!

  2. Participate in ‘Day of Play’ to contribute to fostering a life-affirming and supportive culture. Your involvement will help meet the tangible needs of underserved moms and babies who lack access to medical care.

Together, let's rally around the mission of the Memphis Morning Center, while enjoying a day of outdoor fun and fellowship! 


Purchase your Day of Play kit by visiting and mark your calendar for this community-wide event.


For Life, 



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