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The Memphis Morning Center met our patient when she came to the clinic while waiting to be added to her husband's insurance. She quickly grew to love the Morning Center. This patient shares, "The nurses and staff are so thoughtful and attentive; I know that when I have a question or concern, they will get back to me as soon as possible."

After attending a new obstetrician, our patient immediately realized that the Morning Center was a place where she could receive much more than the minimum healthcare required for her pregnancy. She chose to stay with us for the remainder of her pregnancy to receive comprehensive, compassionate, and holistic maternal care.

The patient states, "I am very grateful for Morning Center and its services; it has been the biggest blessing to me and my family."

The Morning Center is so grateful for beautiful friendships with patients like her!


Sometimes, the Memphis Morning Center walks through challenging things with our patients. Pregnancy brings so much joy and excitement but can also bring real concerns. Our lead sonographer shared a story where she encouraged a patient who was facing complex realities.

Our staff member shares, "I simply explained that we love her and, more importantly, God loves her, and in his divine perfection, He knit this little baby together in her womb."

She continues, "Our mommas often wear a mask hiding the pain of their everyday situations. We can easily get distracted by a myriad of other issues we face daily in the clinic, but this is why we are here. God called us to love on these mommas and act as His hands and feet."


Our friend, Tiara, was so kind to share her experience with us.

Even as a mom with two kids, she sometimes still feels unprepared. We are grateful that Tiara chose the Memphis Morning Center as one of the resources to assist her motherhood journey. She explains, "Everyone should experience the Morning Center. They don’t condemn you. They make sure they work with you no matter what level you're at."


Paula shared, "Before getting there, I was very afraid of feeling judged." However, she immediately felt welcomed!

Paula was the recipient of our commitment to intentional hospitality. We strive to make every person feel welcomed, loved, accepted, and worthy through every interaction. We know we are walking out of this value when our patients can point it out.

Paula later shared, "The whole staff was ALWAYS amazing to me!"


Recently, one of our team members shared about a woman who was deciding between having an abortion or carrying her child to term.

After meeting with the nurse, she had her ultrasound at the Morning Center. Later, I met back up with her and asked if she wanted to see ultrasound pictures. I then prompted her to share how she was feeling about her pregnancy after the ultrasound.

She said, "I can't have an abortion now! My baby is alive, moving, and growing inside of me!" Her comment immediately gave me chills—life is such a precious gift. I know this patient is beginning to see to God's great plan for her miracle baby. 

I'm thankful for the opportunity to walk alongside our patients at a vulnerable time and see the Lord work in and through every situation.


"I've always known the Morning Center wasn't a "typical" OB clinic. However, I'll always remember the moment I finally comprehended how different we are. 


One day, one of our patients had shown up unannounced. She was in tears because her newborn was still in the hospital and was diagnosed with a heart condition. She was alone—her family lived out of the country, and her boyfriend worked out of town. In her distress and sadness, she chose to come to us.


It hit me in the middle of trying to bring this patient comfort and encouragement. She is alone and without support but came to the Morning Center because she didn't know what else to do. I would never consider visiting my doctor's office because I was struggling and distressed. However, this woman felt so loved by our staff that she returned to us during one of her darkest moments."



At the Memphis Morning Center, we are all about people. The stories of lives changed, through the love of Jesus, is what motivates our mission. Read these stories below!


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